• MYPT Advanced Business and Marketing systems

    MYPT Advanced Business and Marketing systems

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Learn how to successfully create, market and scale your PT business around the people you want to be working with!

Personal Training is (in our biased opinion) the most rewarding job there is.

We get to work with clients who truly value our help. We get to coach and inspire them to become the best they can possibly be, and we get to run our own diaries, choosing how much money we’d like to earn and what hours we’d like to work. This is if we get things right of course!

Unfortunately, too many PT’s are going into the industry without the necessary understanding of how to make it as a Personal Trainer. Having the relevant qualifications often isn’t enough.

This is why we’ve created this 2-day Business and Marketing course – to teach budding PT’s the higher-level knowledge, derived from thousands of hours of Personal Training and Group Training, to ensure you’re one of the PT’s who actually makes it to the top!

  • Learn how to build a brand around your unique skills and personality and how to position yourself to serve the needs of your ideal client!
  • Learn how to manage your diary, stay on top of your finances and make sure you have a constant stream of clients coming to you for assistance!
  • Learn how our top PT’s earn £60k+ per annum, working with the people who they actually want to work with on a daily basis!

MYPT Advanced Business and Marketing Systems (2 day course)

  • Full time study
  • Intensive full-time study option, with direct face-to-face contact with our Personal Trainers within our private PT studio in East Croydon.
  • MYPT Business and Marketing Systems
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